Founder/ Creative Director

Ariel Hansen has worked in the design field for over 14 years. While working for the most prestigious floral and event company in Boston, her designs were made for movie production and recording artists such as Aerosmith and James Taylor as well as supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Her love for fashion and highly involved in the floral and styling industries has brought her to explore the world of clothing design. Living most of her summers in Europe and attending an art school in Florence magnified her inspiration by delivering exceptional quality and original designs handmade in the U.S.A. Each piece is made of the finest knits and silks, and carefully crafted paying great attention to color and detail. Known for her diamond cuts, the launch of her scarf and wrap line is comprised of clean lines and comfortable textiles made for women on the go which are the new essentials for timeless fashion.

Wherever Ariel would wear one of her creations, either on the beach or the street, people would often stop and ask where she found them. Whether you combine one of her pieces with a dress, jeans or your workout attire, Ariel’s chic, classic, versatile and comfortable wear is what makes her collection so unique.

“Why not wrap yourself in a little luxury"  


The Interview ARIEL.....

1.When did you launch ARIEL Scarves and Wraps?
I launched my line in the spring of 2013. 

2.Where do your draw your inspiration from?
I draw my inspiration from nature and everyday life. I love to integrate certain colors, patterns and details from many different cultures along with a wide range of textiles.

3.Your range of shades are gorgeous. Are your scarves in seasonal or year round shades?
I combine black with color because I believe the two make each other stronger. I do try to keep the colors seasonal. I definitely think women tend to be more daring during the winter months and opt for bright colors to feel more uplifted on a dreary day.

4. Do you create a specific line for each season?
Yes. During the summer I create wraps in many shades that can be worn on cool nights or to the beach! During the colder months I use wools and heavy cottons. For spring and fall my scarves  and wraps are made of lighter fabrics such as cotton and silk.

5. Where are your scarves made?
I actually hand-make them all myself which gives me a sense of freedom!

6. How do you select your fabrics?
I select my fabrics depending on the quality and the season. Cotton and silk are great fabrics that can be worn all year round.

7. Your scarves and wraps seem very versatile. Are there many ways to wear your scarves and wraps?
They are extremely versatile. Scarves and wraps are the essential accessory to have fun with, whether they’re worn as a shawl, belt or a sarong. They are the perfect complement to any outfit.

8.Your scarves and wraps are gorgeous. What is the philosophy behind your scarves and wraps?
The patterns and color combinations are quite captivating to the eye. I want each piece to tell its own story with just the right amount of detail. My scarves and wraps were designed to be classic and timeless for years to come.

9.What is your favorite piece?
I have a few favorites, but I would say the Bright Butterfly Silk Wrap is my personal favorite. It can be worn as a wrap or scarf and the bright-colored butterflies and unique textile surround me with luck and luxury.

10.So many times we buy pieces that are not comfortable. Are your scarves and wraps easy to wear?
Comfort and style are what’s important in today’s fashion. That’s why I designed my scarves and wraps to be luxurious and easy to wear. Just twist, knot or drape and you’re ready to walk out the door!